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Swiss Toniq refuses to use plastic. Fiona Nicholls explains

Top 5 secrets the beauty industry doesn’t want you to know

We grow up and are programmed like every other woman to buy skincare products, without knowing the secrets the beauty industry hides from us. 

We have absolutely no idea what's in our skincare products!

Are we actually sure that these cosmetic and skincare companies have our best interests at heart, that they care if our skin stays younger and our health intact, or is the point more about how much money they can make? We grow up and are programmed to buy cosmetics based on expensive advertising campaigns, photoshopped models in glossy magazines, and what the celebrities are using.

I have spent the past 6 years researching everything that goes into natural anti-ageing; from high street brands to farmer's markets and fairs to natural to very high-end brands and the pattern that repeats itself repeatedly is the same, no matter what the product costs or which country it originates and I'm about to share all this information with you and uncover some of the truths about the cosmetic industry.

The first secret: The shocking truth about synthetic chemicals in skincare.

The truth about the cosmetic industry is that nearly all products contain small amounts of nasty substances and often over 8 different ones known to cause cancer, unbalance the endocrine system and play havoc with our health. These in themselves may not be dangerous as the quantity is so small, except that we apply the same chemicals day after day, sometimes twice a day, and even worse than that is that we combine them with other skincare items that also contain a bunch of these nasties and that’s where the danger lies

Recent studies show that an average woman applies over 100 different chemicals on her skin each day... and we wonder why we get sick!

So why do beauty brands add all these synthetic chemicals and how are they getting away with it? Here are some of the dark secrets of the cosmetic industry

Most products usually contain a maximum 10% of any wonderful ingredient they boast on their label and many times as little as 0.5% the remaining part is often water. When you add water to a product that is going to be opened everyday it will quickly turn stagnant and is known to produce the E coli virus therefore these nasty synthetic chemicals need to be added to keep the water content from becoming contaminated.

Then there are the nasty substances added to keep the ingredients mixed at all times, so that they don't separate between use.

Then others added to make a product feel smoother, softer, spread better, absorb faster

And lastly even more nasty chemicals are added for fragrance and colour and to extend shelf life.

Sounds idyllic doesn't it? and all these go onto your skin... and then what happens? More than 60% of what is applied to your skin is then absorbed into your bloodstream. It's one of the fastest and most effective ways to get substances into your blood, whether they are natural or toxic.

The second secret: For those who use organic, natural skincare products.

Did you know that certified organic beauty brands can legally use up to 10% synthetic chemicals and toxins in their products and some even 20%, as long as the main 80% is natural, it’s legal, so your certified natural products, although much better that their non organic counterparts, are probably not as pure as you thought.

At Swiss Toniq, there are no dark secrets, we use zero synthetic chemicals and absolutely no nasty substances. Our natural anti-ageing skincare products are so natural you could probably eat them.

The third secret the beauty industry doesn't want you to know... and this includes all natural skincare brands as well as toxic ones,

is, that almost every ingredient that goes into a cosmetic product is refined, this means cooked, processed and denatured, leaving it dead. The ingredients are all cooked at over 250°C/470°F for several hours.

This is done to remove irregular colours, unusual smells and increase shelf life from months to years so that products may sit in transporters and warehouses and then on shop shelves under strong lights for months or even years before you buy them and the product will not have changed or degraded in anyway and that is exactly why your skincare products do not produce impressive results.

By refining the ingredients, up to 80% of the valuable nutrients and enzymes needed to heal skin or help fight against ageing are killed off, leaving the product rather dead. It's the difference between drinking a green smoothie or eating a plate of vegetables that have been cooked on a high heat for several hours. There are simply just not many nutrients left.

At Swiss Toniq our ingredients are cold pressed, uncooked, unbleached and come straight from nature so they offer up to 80% more of the valuable nutrients and enzymes your skin needs and that's why they give visible results.


Secret four: Your skincare and haircare is all very heavily diluted.

Many contain only 0.5% to 10% or any ingredient even remotely good for your skin and the rest is bulked up with either water or economic bulking oils such as sunflower or vegetable. While these bulking ingredients are not harmful, they will offer very few benefits to your skin.

At Swiss Toniq we do the opposite, we use a minimum of 95% powerful ingredients proven to reverse ageing and 5% water maximum (just enough for the water soluble ingredients to be integrated. Yet another reason our products are so effective compared to competitors.

Secret five: The forgotten truth about ancient medicinal plants

There are many incredible plants and trees that have existed since thousands and sometimes millions of years and that are capable of curing many ailments and reverse ageing, however, as these potent natural ingredients are sometimes hard to find, costly to acquire and complex to store and formulate, many companies avoid them and opt for cheaper synthetic replacements sadly.

At Swiss Toniq we make it our mission to find out the truth about the cosmetics industry and uncover these secrets and maximise the wonderful gifts nature has given us.

So what should we look for?

I could provide you with a list of ingredients to avoid and you could spend the next few weeks trying to decipher every skincare label on the shelf but who has time for that right? So here is the easy two-step guide to acquiring healthy beauty products. 

Firstly, choose brands that are organic and ethical,

Take the time to visit their website to check that they are genuine and not just using dishonest marketing language as there are literally thousands of brands out there who claim, on their packaging, to be natural and pure but are far from it and this is still, all this dishonesty is totally legal!

Secondly, price is another clue. You get what you pay for! 

With the exception of some high end brands where we are paying mainly for the designer name, glamorous world wide advertising campaigns, masses of glossy packaging and huge celebrity sponsorships, to name just a few of their dark secrets, there is no way we can buy good quality, healthy and effective beauty products at low prices. Quality cosmetic ingredients are expensive to buy and formulate, so if you’re finding products that are cheap to buy, you can be sure there is nothing very valuable to your skin in them and they may contain plenty of nasty substances. Yes, I admit there are a couple of very low priced products that exist that are not too bad at all, fairly clean and better than most but these will provide you with hydration only and not reverse ageing.

The good news is that although effective, good quality and health beauty products are more expensive, you only need to use a little. Most existing beauty products contain masses of water or low cost fillers so a lot of the product is needed to be applied and often to obtain any result. When using something entirely natural and highly concentrated, a little goes a lot further, so do a little homework, find a brand you can trust and treat your skin with the proper skin food it needs. The results are priceless in the long term.

At Swiss Toniq, every ingredient provides properties that hydrate and help reverse ageing, we don't add any useless ingredients whos purpose is to enhance colour, fragrance, texture or shelf life.

We formulate the world's only natural anti-ageing skincare products that are 100% undiluted, uncooked, unbleached and provide impressive visible results. Please check us out at:


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