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Fiona Nicholls, the CEO of Swiss Toniq geneva

Swiss Toniq chosen as FAVOURITE PRODUCTS at Vivamost Magazine


Swiss Toniq skincare products: a new concept in anti-aging, especially for women suffering from dry, tired or problem skin

The uniqueness of these products is that they are made from 100% uncooked, bleached and unmodified botanical plants, some which have survived since 470 million years. Every ingredient has been chosen for it’s high performance in clinical tests, it’s gold medals in skincare awards and the fact that no fillers are added to bulk up the product, makes them powerful skin food products with visible results.

Swiss Toniq skincare products

Swiss Toniq skincare products – credits Swiss Toniq

The advanced repair serum from Swiss Toniq is a great all round moisturising and anti-age face serum which removes the need to use toner and moisturiser. It gives a fresher look and hydrates and tightens the face well all day. The combination of oils feel wonderful on the skin. We loved the smell of the natural oils. We used it daily before applying make-up.

Advanced repair serum

Advanced repair serum – credits Swiss Toniq

The aloe vera & jasmine cream soap is excellent for the face and body that need hydratation as it contains 80% Shea butter, Cocoa butter and Argan oil, Mango butter and Coconut oil. “A study published in the Journal of Health Research examined the effects of jasmine oil inhalation on the central nervous system and mood. When inhaled, jasmine oil affected brain activity and mood states and the participants reported feeling more positive, energetic, and romantic.” The aloe vera and precious oils repaired our damaged skin quickly. You only need a little bit of soap to feel the hydrating effect and it’s also detoxing for the skin as it gently pulls out all the impurities.

We also want to point out that all Swiss Toniq ingredients are organic and free of chemicals and alcohol and come in plastic free packaging. Because they are so concentrated a little goes a long way.

The aloe vera & jasmine cream soap

The aloe vera & jasmine cream soap – credits Swiss Toniq

Swiss Toniq´s Performance Bio Body Oil moisturized our skin well. It is made with a Snow Algae Powder, which is known to improve skin structure and slow down ageing. We liked the subtle smell of the rose and fennel essential oil and the various oils such as argan, grape seed, rosemary and wild rosehip. The spray made it really easy to use.

Performance Bio Body Oil

Performance Bio Body Oil – credits Swiss Toniq

The cocoa butter melting bath truffles are a real treat. They come in a lovely box of 24. Just opening the box makes you happy and wait till you use them, you will feel so relaxed. You only need one truffle per bath to feed your skin all the precious oils and salts it needs.

cocoa butter melting bath truffles

cocoa butter melting bath truffles – credits Swiss Toniq

The truffles and the rest of Swiss Toniq´s products we tried would make wonderful gifts for your loved ones. They not only smell good, look good but they work!

Swiss Toniq website


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