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Swiss Tonic Story
Swiss Tonic Story
Fiona Pittaluga-Nicholls

Who We Are…

With the collaboration of a well known Swiss Biochemist and organic cosmetics laboratory, Swiss Toniq was founded in Geneva, Switzerland by British born mother, ex horse breeder and professional showjumping rider Fiona Nicholls in 2017, after a horse fall that left her with a broken spine and woke her up to healing and caring for her body.

She was angry when she discovered many products claiming to be "organic" or "natural" (even organic certified ones) could still contain up to 20% dangerous synthetic substances legally as long as the bulk of the ingredients were organic.

This totally defeats the idea of clean skincare and tricks women into believe their skincare is safe when it may not be.

Her disdain for the beauty industry continued when she learned that most of the ingredients in her beauty products were added to make the product feel silkier, look a lovely colour, smell pretty and last longer on shelves. They had zero skin benefits and such synthetic substances should not be anywhere near our skin.

Fiona's skin issues and minor health problem cleared up once she removed all these dangerous products from her life.

Now the problem was that when she did find products that were truly natural and safe they offered weak visible results for the anti ageing she was seeking.

She wanted to bring higher quality organic products to women, products that were adapted for women over 40, over 50 and over 60, an age where skin needs a lot more nutrients and a small miracle.

Products that actually worked and were not bulked up with poison or diluted with masses of water or useless filler substances.

Products where women PAY FOR AMAZING INGREDIENTS... AND NOT for the celebrity sponsorships, masses of glossy packaging and huge advertising campaign costs that are routinely added into products.

Swiss Toniq has helped many mature women reverse ageing and helped many others banish their skin problems.

“I have always been a serious skin care customer, using the most high-end, high-tech skin care available but as I became aware of how dangerous it all was I started seeking natural alternatives and was really disappointed with what was available. There weren’t any high performing products out there that were safe, undiluted and that gave visible results, so I decided to challenge the existing “money driven” skincare industry and produce… the world’s most natural, most concentrated and most effective skincare products using only high performing, clinically tested RAW ingredients, many of which are globally award winning. My health and my skin have improved enormously since using my own products”

Swiss Tonic secret of success

The Secret of our Success

Swiss Toniq uses an elaborate selection of cold pressed herbs, medicinal plant extracts and oils from flowers, seeds and trees, some that have existed over 400 million year, plants that have
survived drought, flood, extreme heat and frost while most other plants died out. 

These botanicals that have survived so long despite all the climate changes because they contain unique cell renewing properties that resist hardship and regenerate new cells under the toughest conditions and this is exactly what they offer to your skin.


We believe that sharing is caring which is why we at Swiss Toniq donate a portion of our proceeds to the following incredible charities:



This incredible agency works selflessly to investigate and go undercover for months, at times risking their lives in order to rescue hundreds of children that have been kidnapped for sex slavery and sex trafficking. An incredible team of people

Visit website


A beautiful group of animal lovers who devote themselves selflessly to save hundreds of suffering dogs that are dying of hunger, thirst and disease

Visit website
Refuge Darwin

Refuge Darwin

A non profit organisation that save horses, ponies and donkeys that have been starved and/or badly treated. They get them back to a happy healthy place before rehoming them with kind and loving new families in Switzerland

Visit website

Award-Winning Organic Skincare Products

Our holistic dedication to organic, all-natural skincare, our customers, and the environment gets noticed, making Swiss Toniq a multiple award-winning skincare brand.

We’d be negligent not to mention our consistently excellent customer reviews and awards including Lux Life Magazine’s Health, Beauty, and Wellness Awards for “Best Botanical Skincare Brand - Central Europe” and “Best European Organic Anti-Age Serum” and the Corporate Livewire Prestige Award for "Skincare Product of the Year.”

Swiss Toniq’s line of award-winning organic skincare products for women over 40 are made in Switzerland using only raw, unprocessed, organic plant-based ingredients chosen for their clean, anti-ageing effectiveness. We use no fillers or harmful synthetic ingredients, and even our packaging is non-toxic, plastic-free, and environmentally friendly.

Swiss Toniq Geneva’s Origin Story

Fiona Nicholls is the Founder and CEO behind the brand. She has created an organic skincare line that is leaving its mark on the health and beauty industry worldwide. This UK native moved to Switzerland 30 years ago, sparking a passion for natural Swiss skin care products.

Bedridden with a broken spine in 2017 after a fall from a horse, Fiona traded her professional horse riding and breeding career for organic skincare. She was determined to develop effective and harm-free products without the use of the toxic chemical ingredients found in many over-the-counter brands.

Months of research into the benefits of ancient medicinal plants, the advancements in plant stem cell technology, and how to run a successful skincare brand paid off. What began with a bar of clean, organic moisturising soap in 2017 has grown into an award-winning organic skincare product company.

Swiss Toniq Today

Fiona collaborated with Switzerland’s prestigious Mibelle Biochemistry Laboratory to incorporate plant stem cells from rare plant species with proven regenerative capabilities into her products. This included the award winning PhytoCellTec™ plant stem cell technology. A breakthrough in the science of skincare, Swiss Toniq’s line of products including PhytoCellTec™ ingredients are made from plant stem cell extracts combined with other effective plant-based anti-ageing ingredients.

Swiss Toniq and Mibelle Biochemistry determined that certain plant stem cell extracts are similar to the composition of human skin cells and that plant stem cells can actually stimulate growth and healing in human cells. This research has been revolutionary to skincare evolution.

Skin and Environmental Health

The Swiss Toniq range of chemical- and cruelty-free, vegan, organic products helps to reduce the visible signs of ageing without any damage to your skin or the environment. The potent botanical ingredients are never cooked, altered, watered down, or bulked up with filler ingredients–just raw, organic skin care products made from unadulterated extracts, natural oils, and herbs.

These plant stem cells and other plant extract ingredients are cultivated under careful control in the laboratory, keeping them free of pollutants and pesticides. The in-lab cultivation process also means that there is no excessive water usage or waste.

Catering to Mature Skin Needs

At Swiss Toniq we have developed our products with women over 40 years old in mind. At that age, your skin starts to need higher levels of nurturing and care. The same can be true at any age for those with skin issues, dryness, or sensitive skin. Our products work because they boost the skins own collagen and cells at a deep cellular level instead of simply patching up the surface as traditional skincare does.

Our pH-balanced skin care products–soap bars, serums, facial scrubs and masks, oils, hand and body creams, and more–rewind years of sun damage while remaining gentle on the skin and maintaining its protective barrier and balancing the skins’ natural microbiome.

Most mainstream beauty products on the market remain heavily fragranced or packed with synthetic preserving chemicals–even the serums and creams that claim to be natural and moisturising for the most delicate of facial skin. Our founder Fiona Nicholls and thousands of women like her have found it challenging to find any skincare products on the market to suit dry, sensitive, or delicate skin.

Our hormones start to shift gears as we pass the age of 40. Our skin can become drier, more sensitive or allergy-prone and signs of ageing accelerate. We need more potent, anti-ageing, and hydrating solutions minus the abrasiveness of chemical-laden options.

Thankfully, Swiss Toniq fulfils all of a maturing woman’s skin care needs. Our all-natural skincare line contains the best natural anti-ageing skincare botanicals nature has to offer. Our products are inspired by the pristine Alpines of Switzerland and utilise the raw, rejuvenating power of natural ingredients, many being native. Our serums contain every vitamin, enzyme and nutrient your skin could possibly need.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Read our many reviews from happy customers across Europe and USA. Additionally, take a look at the awards we’ve won in the health and beauty industry.

Hard Work Pays Off

Fiona Nicholls’ hard work paid off, resulting in a successful brand that has so far won multiple prestigious skincare awards. At Swiss Toniq we focus on the health of our customers and the planet. We aim to empower women to age gracefully, and it shows.

Swiss Toniq has become more than a skincare brand–we are a testament to the power of perseverance. We have multiple awards to show for our efforts and the effectiveness of our products.


At Swiss Toniq, we proudly stand behind our products, customer service, and philanthropy. See what industry committees and publications had to say about us:

  • Switzerland Prestige Awards 2023/24 Winner
    Skincare products of the year (for the second year in a row)
  • Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Winners 2023
    Double Stem Cell Repair Plus Editor’s Pick: Time Response Face Serum (anti-ageing for post-menopause skin)
  • Natural Health Beauty Awards Winner 2023
    Best in Organic Skincare for Advanced Repair Serum
  • Health, Beauty & Wellness Awards 2020
    Best Botanical Skincare Brand 2020 - Central Europe Best European Organic Anti-Age Serum: Swiss Toniq Geneva Advanced Repair Serum (Anti-Age under age 55)

At Swiss Toniq, we maintain our commitment to creating the best vegan skincare for ageing skin by using only quality organic, raw, and natural ingredients. We want to be world-renowned as one of the best cruelty-free skincare brands using only vegan ingredients and eco friendly packaging. Forging ahead off the beaten path hasn’t always been easy, but it’s always been worth it.