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Plant Steam Cell- Organic Skincare

Plant Stem Cells in Skincare, Do We Really Need Them?

Are you wondering, how much of the hype around this skincare miracle is backed by scientific research? And wondering if these new anti-ageing treatments made from plant stem cells and products are really worth your money?





 Plant Stem Cells in Skincare, Do We Really Need Them?


We naturally possess stem cells in our epidermis (the outermost layer of our skin) these have the task of constantly renewing and rejuvenating the damaged tissue. While the epidermis in young skin is totally renewed within 4 weeks, this process slows down drastically as we age and is accelerated by UV exposure, environmental toxins, improper nutrition, alcohol and smoking. As a result, skin becomes thinner, more wrinkled and is, therefore, drier and less well protected.


Plant stem cells provide an extremely high concentration of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which fight against UV damage and ageing. Some contain a concentration of antioxidants 1,000 times greater than other existing plant extracts.


By using PhytoCellTec™, skin ageing can be demonstrably delayed by protecting the vital skin stem cells and boosting collagen. This means that the skin stays young for longer and looks correspondingly better.


Plant Steam Cell


Swiss Toniq works in collaboration with the Mibelle Biochemistry laboratory, who have cultivated rare and protected plant species here in Switzerland. Inspired by nature and realised by science, their PhytoCellTec™ technology was recognised at the UN Conference Rio+20 as an Eco breakthrough. Mibelle Biochemistry discovered that plant stem cells contain epigenetic factors similar to those in human adult stem cells. If used skillfully, these can positively influence the functionality and vitality of the skin stem cells. Mibelle Biochemistry won the European Cosmetics Innovation Prize at in-cosmetics. Barely launched, it immediately caused worldwide excitement, this new active ingredient was considered groundbreaking because it is the first to demonstrably improve the vitality and efficiency of our own skin stem cells. Results were astonishing, and they found that plant stem cells could stimulate human stem cells by 80 percent and could decrease wrinkle depth by an average of 8 percent in just two weeks and by 15 percent in four weeks, so Swiss Toniq definitely agrees that this skincare miracle is worth using in its natural Swiss skincare products.


Is this skincare miracle environmentally friendly and fully sustainable?

Yes, absolutely, it takes as little plant material as a fruit or a single leaf to establish, therefore, PhytoCellTec™ technology helps preserve rare and protected plants. No cultivated land is required for its production and very little water is needed compared to conventional crop cultivation plus, there is no need for fertiliser or other toxic chemicals.


Where can I find top quality Stem Cell products that are also free of toxic chemicals?

Swiss Toniq has created a collection of natural Swiss skincare containing these revolutionary actives that are totally free of any toxic chemicals. They don’t just add minuscule doses of this skincare miracle in their products but dose them up to be highly concentrated and therefore, very effective.


For the face there is the Double Stem Cell Repair serum, that is complete all-in-one hydration and anti-ageing treatment that also fades sun spots. You will not need any other face cream, serum, toner or moisturiser when applying this one, one serum does it all...and more and Cellular Sun Defence Face Sunscreen for protecting your face while in the sun while at the same time providing an intensive anti-ageing treatment.


For the body there is Forever Young Bio body oil for an all-over anti-ageing treatment, hydration and firming and Stem Cell Body Polish to remove dead skin and create a silky smooth even tone.


So based on scientific research and the obvious visible results they offer, Swiss Toniq is adamant about plant stem cells being high performance and a huge advancement in anti-ageing skin care and is proud to offer them in their intensive anti-ageing treatments.

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