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Oily Skin Myths Debunked | Don’t Be Fooled By The Beauty Industry

Oily Skin Myths Debunked | Don’t Be Fooled By The Beauty Industry


Oily Skin Myths Debunked

If oily skin is getting you down, you might have come across these 4 common oily skin myths. From a shiny t-zone to breakouts and acne, excess oil can be a frustrating condition to deal with. As with many beauty and skin care problems, there are plenty of old wives tales out there that don’t always ring true! While many sound convincing and are sometimes based on fact, not all of them are true. In this article, we’re going to debunk four common skincare myths relating to oily skin. Get to grips with oil control and prevent breakouts and acne.

Your Bad Habits Cause Excess Oil

Skincare myth: You’re suffering from an oily t-zone due to bad habits.

Reality: While some habits and behaviours can cause a build-up of bacteria on the skin, this might not always be the reason you have excess oil. Genetics and your skincare routine can both play a key role in your complexion and skin type. Overactive oil glands in the skin can be caused by a genetic predisposition due to your DNA, so no matter how many skin care products you use, you might always have to blot your shiny skin and avoid using oil-based cleansers.

Oily Skin Represents A Poor Diet

Skincare myth: Your diet is to blame for your oily, problematic skin.

Reality: While a poor diet won’t do your skin, hair or nails any favours, it’s not always the main culprit for problematic skin and breakouts. Hormone levels, bacteria build up and stress can all trigger inflammation and overactive oil glands. This being said, it’s always a good idea to nurture your body with fresh food and stay hydrated throughout the day. For the best oil control consider making simple lifestyle changes such as ditching the junk food and drinking more water and spending time cleansing your skin in the morning and at night.


Skincare myth: Excess oil needs to be stripped away often to prevent breakouts and acne.

Reality: This common skincare myth can actually cause more damage to your skin. Yes, removing excess oil will often help to prevent breakouts and acne, but the key is to resist the urge to completely dry out your skin. Removing all traces of moisture can actually make oily skin worse, as your skin will try to rapidly hydrate itself by overproducing oil as soon as it’s stripped away. 

Dehydrated skin can become inflamed, irritated and dull. Not the look you were going for right! So instead you need to use a gentle skincare treatment that has been specially designed to remove excess oil without removing all moisturise from the skin. Choose a powerful and natural skin care treatment such as Swiss Toniq’s Genuine Dead Sea Mud Mask and apply no more than twice a week for the optimum oil control solution, followed by Swiss Toniq’s Pure Argan oil, applied in a thin layer to rebalance oily skin.


Skincare myth: Oily skin will be a skincare issue for the rest of your life.

Reality: This really depends on when and why you’re experiencing oily skin. If you’ve always had oily skin, then it’s probably linked to your genetics and DNA, and therefore something you’re going to need to treat long term. However, if you’ve only just started to notice excess oil and breakouts, or you suffer from this common skin condition every so often, a hormonal imbalance or your lifestyle might be behind your skincare concerns. In this case, by making changes to your diet and lifestyle and investing in your skincare routine, you should be able to say farewell to oily skin for good!
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