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Making a difference

Making a difference

Swiss Toniq philanthropy

As I look at my 14 year old daughter I feel so much gratitude that she is safe here with me, she has no idea how lucky she is when you know that there are thousands of girls out there who are her age and younger, even as young as 5 years old being used for sex slavery and abused daily with no escape and no hope. I get so angry it makes me sick to even think about it.

And then I look at our dogs lying around in the garden with their bellies full and our horses that are so pampered they have their own osteopath and think about all the suffering animals in the world and this makes me want to cry.

We all want to save the world and do good but if you are like me, often feel so helpless and useless. As a huge animal lover and genuine kind human being I’m at least trying to help a little bit so since early 2020 Swiss Toniq donates a percentage of all Swiss Toniq profit to 3 non profit charities and I’d like to share them with you because they are close to my heart and all doing amazing work for their cause.

The first is Operation Underground Railroad who sets up undercover rescue missions and works with law enforcement throughout the world to free children from sex trafficking and exploitation and seek justice for those who violate children. I’ve seen videos of what Operation Underground Railroad do and briefly met the founder who himself leads these missions, often putting his own life at risk. His team (some ex CIA) risk their lives on these rescue missions, their dedication and commitment is mind blowing.

Please visit them here to know more:


Making a difference



Then there is Cadela Carlotta, a beautiful group of animal lovers who devote themselves selflessly to save hundreds of suffering dogs that are dying of hunger, thirst, disease and neglect in the Algarve, Portugal. They re home some lucky dogs in countries like the UK, Holland and Germany. I lived in the Algarve for several years and still spend time there every year so have seen first hand the cruelty and suffering of our four legged friends.

Visit to know more:


Making a difference



And my third charity is The Refuge de Darwyn, this organisation, based near to me in Geneva, rescues horses, ponies and donkeys from France and Switzerland that have suffered cruelty, many have been locked in small spaces with no food for months on end and forced to sleep in their own excrement. Being a horse rider I feel especially passionate about helping horses, as they are so honest and humble and it’s only due to their huge adaptability and willingness to please that they have survived all these centuries. They provided our transport before cars, have carried our men and weapons in wars, pulled our ploughs so we can produce food, provided love and companionship, carried us through multiple Olympic sporting events, provided food and are beneficial as therapy for people with disabilities and mental issues to.

Please visit to know more:


Making a difference



I hope you will take a minute to visit at least one of our chosen Swiss Toniq charities and if you feel like sharing their information or giving a donation, every effort no matter how big or small helps.

Thank you for reading this far, I appreciate you

With love and gratitude Fiona and Swiss Toniq

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