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Perfume and Your Health

Perfume and Your Health

Why Spraying Perfume on Your Clothes And Not On Your Skin is a Scent-sible Choice!

Did you know that your beloved perfume carries hidden dangers?
Fear not, at Swiss Toniq we're here to enlighten you on the risks of spraying perfume directly on your skin and why opting for spraying it on your clothes can be a wise, health-conscious choice. Let's dive into this fragrant adventure!
Perfumes have long been adored for their ability to enhance our mood, boost confidence, and leave a trail of delightful scents in our wake. However, it's essential to take a closer sniff at the ingredients lurking within those enticing bottles.

The Synthetic nasties:

Most perfumes on the market contain a cocktail of synthetic ingredients that give them their unique scents. These ingredients often include phthalates, synthetic musks, and other potential nasties. When sprayed directly on your skin, these chemicals can be absorbed and find their way into your bloodstream. Yikes! But fret not, there's a scent-sible solution.

The Skin-Deep Story:

Our skin is an amazing organ, acting as a protective barrier against the world. However, it's not invincible, and up to 60% of whatever is applied to it can permeate its layers and find their way into our blood system and cause havoc. Spraying perfume directly on the skin increases the risk of these synthetic substances seeping through and potentially causing health issues.

The Bloodstream Boulevard:

Think of your bloodstream as a bustling boulevard of life. It transports essential nutrients and oxygen, but it can also carry unwelcome passengers. When those synthetic fragrance ingredients hitch a ride in your bloodstream, they may disrupt your delicate hormonal balance, cause allergic reactions, or even contribute to long-term health concerns. It's time to take control of what enters your bloodstream and make scent-sible choices.

Swiss Toniq and Perfume

As we formulate our products with only the cleanest and healthiest ingredients on the planet there is no place for perfume to be added into any of our products so you are safe with us. All Swiss Toniq products are perfumed using the highest grade essential oils. Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts known for their aromatherapy benefits and have been used as natural remedies for centuries.

The Smart Solution:

Now, here's a spritz of good news! By spraying perfume on your clothes instead of directly on your skin, you can reduce the risk of these synthetic ingredients getting absorbed. Your fabulous wardrobe becomes a canvas for your signature scent, allowing you to enjoy the fragrance while keeping those potentially harmful chemicals at bay.

Clothes, The Fragrant Canvas:

Think of your clothes as the perfect fragrance carriers. They act as a protective shield, allowing the perfume to linger without direct contact with your skin. The fabric absorbs the scent, releasing it gradually throughout the day, leaving a captivating trail as you strut your stuff.

Spritzing Tips and Tricks:

  1. Target pulse points on clothes: Spray your perfume on pulse points of your clothing, such as the collarbone, wrists, or even inside the elbows. These areas generate heat, helping the fragrance to disperse beautifully throughout the day.
  2. Layering scents: Experiment with layering scents by combining perfumes with complementary notes. Your clothes become an artistic canvas as you create unique scent compositions that express your individuality.
  3. Do not spray too close to your clothes for risk of leaving an unsightly patch. Always test a patch that is less visible first to be sure the material is compatible and avoid unwanted surprises

Benefits Beyond Health:

Spraying perfume on your clothes not only safeguards your health but also offers other exciting advantages. Your scent will last longer, as fabric tends to hold fragrance better than bare skin.

For organic skincare that's perfumed with natural plant extracts and smells divine please visit us at: www.swisstoniq.com

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