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5 Ingredients For An Effective Acne Scar Treatment | Natural Skincare

5 Ingredients For An Effective Acne Scar Treatment | Natural Skincare

5 ingredients for an effective acne scar treatment

5 Ingredients For An Effective Acne Scar Treatment

Acne can range from being mild and your skin’s reaction to harsh chemicals, to a monthly nightmare triggered by hormones. Not only can acne and breakouts make you feel self-conscious, but skin irritation, redness and painful spots can also cause long-term damage to your skin and leave you with deep-set scars. To help improve the texture of your skin without causing another acne flare-up, and combat sun damage and premature ageing, here are 5 key ingredients for an effective acne scar treatment.  

5 ingredients for an effective acne scar treatment

1: Grapeseed Oil

Grapeseed oil is often found in acne treatments as it is rich in linoleic acid, which can help prevent the build-up of excess oil. If you have oily skin, you’ll understand all too well how easy it can be to breakout, especially when using new cosmetics and fighting fine lines and wrinkles. However, rather than be forced to choose between clear skin or a youthful glow, there are anti-acne cosmetics that will treat acne scars as well as provide all-day hydration and anti-ageing benefits. The risk of irritation, acne and blemishes can be minimised by choosing a facial oil that contains grapeseed oil, such as our Advanced Repair Face Serum. Enjoy the hydrating and anti-ageing benefits of our organic anti-wrinkle skin serum, without the worry of acne and breakouts.

5 ingredients for an effective acne scar treatment

2: Aloe Vera

Used for centuries as a natural moisturiser and to treat burns and scars, Aloe Vera is now widely used on sun-damaged skin. However, Aloe Vera’s benefits don’t stop there, in fact, this remarkable plant can also help to improve the texture of your skin, and as a natural acne scar treatment. Anti-inflammatory, Aloe Vera can lighten dark acne scars, and stimulate collagen production. Naturally anti-ageing, studies have found that Aloe Vera can reduce hyperpigmentation in acne scars and make even old deep-set scars less noticeable. (1) That’s why our Performance Bio Body Oil contains Aloe Vera extract to regenerate skin cells, our hydrating body oil rejuvenates the skin, minimises age spots, protects against UV damage and can be used as a powerful acne scar treatment. 

5 ingredients for an effective acne scar treatment

3: Plant Stem Cells from Argan Trees

When searching for an acne scar treatment you can trust, you need a product that offers deep-seated rejuvenation. PhytoCellTec™ Argan, based on plant stem cells, derived from the argan tree can vitalise, rejuvenate and improve the look and texture of your skin. Anti-ageing, this natural ingredient has been developed with scientific research to give your skin a new lease of life. Tightening, plumping and firming, it is fantastic for acne scars and sun-damaged skin. Rather than attempt to restore a youthful glow by hydrating skin on a surface level, PhytoCellTec™ Argan works by enriching your skin cells using plant cell extracts from the argan tree, which can fight disease and withstand extreme drought and intense heat. Considered the next level in organic and scientific skincare, find out more here: Forever Young Stem Cell Body Oil.

Argan oil is so good for acne, blemishes and sun damage, that we also offer a pure concentrated argan oil. Ideal for younger skin, and teens struggling with acne, it is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids found naturally in the Argan tree. Providing hydration and intense damage control, it can be used on all skin types. 

5 ingredients for an effective acne scar treatment

4: Neem Oil

To fade acne scars and combat the effects of free radicals, choose a skincare product with neem oil as a key ingredient. Neem oil is traditionally used to treat spots, acne and skin infections, but it should never be used neat. Able to fade hyperpigmentation, if you need a product that will significantly improve acne scarring, choose our award-winning Advanced Repair Face Serum. Combining neem oil, argan oil, MossCelTel, Vin-up Lift and other natural anti-ageing ingredients to create an organic anti-wrinkle serum, it can replace your cleanser, eye cream and moisturiser. 
5 ingredients for an effective acne scar treatment

5: Dead Sea Mud

Prevention is far better than a cure and this saying goes for skincare too. To minimise your risk of developing more acne scars, you should use a Dead Sea mud mask. Effectively removing dead skin as well as absorbing excess oil, adding a Dead Sea Mud mask into your skincare routine will prevent future acne breakouts and scars. Plus, this natural face mask will also soften the skin and improve the look of existing acne scars, reducing redness and irritation. Removing impurities, excess oil and the combination of salt and magnesium, a Dead Sea mud mask, will support your skin’s natural barrier and encourage skin cell renewal.  

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