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How To Embrace Growing Older & Support Skin Ageing | Swiss Toniq

How To Embrace Growing Older & Support Skin Ageing | Swiss Toniq

Embrace growing older and support skin ageing.
How To Embrace Growing Older

Growing older is, unfortunately, inevitable, but the way you respond to this process is in your hands. Some women obsess about their age, whether they’re 40, 50, 60 or above. While others try to ignore growing older by never changing their sense of style or skincare routine. Since this is an entirely normal process, it’s important that you stop feeling insecure, nervous or stressed out about the number of candles on your birthday cake and seize this incredible opportunity. So before you celebrate another milestone, it’s time to refocus your mind and shift your perspective on age with help from Swiss Toniq!

Embrace growing older and support skin ageing.

Shift Your Perspective On Growing Older

The fountain of youth is not in your looks but in your mind, creativity and talents. 

Age is simply a number and doesn’t define who you are as a person. Having mental clarity to see past age will help you progress in life and become a better version of yourself. People like to put people into categories. You’re a [daughter] [girlfriend] [wife] [mother] [grandmother] [old woman] [senior citizen] [retired] and the list goes on. The moment you accept the category you’re in, you start to embody the characteristics associated with them, as you start growing older. Choose to ignore the category and redefine yourself and you break free from the shackles of society and the fake photoshopped advertising. 

So whether you have crows feet, deep-set wrinkles or a couple of fine lines, you have the power to be seen as either energetic, youthful and interesting, or that stereotypical ‘old lady’. Yes, organic and highly concentrated skincare products will help combat skin ageing and fine lines, but you also need to ooze confidence, energy and elegance. So use your birthday to mark a big change in your life. Like a phoenix rising from the flames, become the person you want to be and ignore those negative thoughts in your head about your age and what people might think of you!

Embrace growing older and support skin ageing.Support Skin Ageing

In the weeks leading up to your next birthday, consider planning and putting together ideas about the person you want to be. Think about your life goals, your dreams, your sense of style, your skincare routine. Use apps such as Pinterest to become inspired and create boards to help you transform your wardrobe, upgrade your diet and ‘pin’ inspiring women and your goals for the next couple of years. Having visual reminders on your phone that you can look back on really helps to keep your mind positive and your mood lifted. 

If you are concerned about skin ageing, fine lines or wrinkles, invest in your skincare routine. Swiss Toniq has created a range of highly concentrated, natural and 100% organic serums and oils for older women, to promote collagen production, elasticity, protect your skin and give you a radiant and youthful glow. Explore our online collection now and discover our award-winning Advanced Repair Face Serum for under 55.

Embrace growing older and support skin ageing.Don’t Become A Wallflower

Growing older can make some women feel insecure. Yes, your body and looks aren’t going to be the same as they were 10 years ago, but never allow your insecurity to get the best of you. By practising self-love and gratitude you can start to gain confidence as you age and overcome skin ageing without becoming a wallflower. 

Remember these three things:

  1. Many women don’t get the chance to celebrate this wonderful birthday. You are so lucky! 
  2. Anything is possible in life and you might be about to embark on a new and incredible journey! 
  3. Be an idol for younger women to admire and look up to. Help others see how age is not a negative thing but something we should embrace and celebrate. 

Embrace growing older and support skin ageing.Experiment With Colour & Fashion

Once you’ve chosen to embrace your age and upgrade your skincare routine, it’s time to move on to your wardrobe. Skin ageing can add years to you, but so can your look and sense of style. Growing older doesn’t mean wearing black, grey and neutral colours. It can represent a new and more creative you! 

Take inspiration from older celebrities that are killing it when it comes to fashion such as; Cate Blanchett, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston. Don’t shy away from bold colours, vibrant patterns and statement accessories! Your personal style can be mastered at any age and your birthday marks a fantastic opportunity to reinvent yourself and revamp your wardrobe. Plus the right accessories can bring out the colour of your eyes, lift your mood and give off youthful vibes. So treat yourself to a head to toe makeover and embrace this wonderful time in your life. 



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