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Plant Stem Cell Products

Plant Stem Cell Skincare Products

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Double Stem Cell Repair Anti-Age Serum 30ml

Double Stem Cell Repair Anti-Age Serum 30ml

SFr. 320.00


4.8 (38)
Cellular Night Repair Miracle 30ml

Cellular Night Repair Miracle 30ml

SFr. 490.00


4.8 (23)
Cellular Sun Defence Face Sunscreen 30SPF  100ml

Cellular Sun Defence Face Sunscreen 30SPF 100ml

SFr. 187.00


4.9 (17)
Forever Young-  Stem Cell Bio Body Oil 200ml

Forever Young- Stem Cell Bio Body Oil 200ml

SFr. 235.00


4.9 (15)
Stem Cell Body Polish Moisturising & Firming Exfoliant 100ml

Stem Cell Body Polish Moisturising & Firming Exfoliant 100ml

SFr. 127.00


5.0 (8)

Plant-based stem cells are harvested from tissue found in the meristems of certain plants that show an ability to self-heal. Plants that have regenerative powers are potent additions to cosmetic and skincare products. The best plant stem cell skin care products, like our Double Stem Cell Repair Anti-Age Serum, care for your skin at a deep cellular level and produce undeniable visible results.

All About Plant Stem Cells

Plant stem cells are undifferentiated cells that are filled with growth potential. This means that at the time of harvesting, they have the potential to grow into any type of plant tissue–such as root cells, stem cells, or leaf cells. Once they become a specific type of plant cell, these are called differentiated cells. 

No matter the type, plant tissue starts out as stem cells located in a plant’s meristem. The meristem is the tip of a shoot or root. If a plant is damaged, it has, at the cellular level, the ability to heal and regenerate new plant growth. This healing magic can be harnessed and used in effective plant stem cell skincare products. 

Swiss Toniq and Plant Stem Cells

Swiss Toniq’s line of plant stem cell skincare products, including serums, oils, and sunscreens, harness the regenerative effects of medicinal flowers, seeds, and mosses–some of which have existed for over 400 million years. These botanicals survived floods, drought, and extreme temperatures when other plants did not due to their anti-aging superpowers. 

The plant stem cells used in our line of unheated, organic, anti-age products have been collected under controlled conditions in a prestigious award-winning Swiss biochemistry laboratory. This makes them free of pesticides, pollutants, and other contaminants. Our research and work have resulted in high-performance anti-ageing skin care products that are safe and effective for all skin types.

PhytoCellTec™ Technology

Swiss Toniq sources all its plant stem cells from Mibelle Biochemistry lab, the pioneers in plant stem cell technology. Mibelle harvest plant stem cells from rare plant species, including an ancient Swiss apple tree. This research discovered that certain plant stem cells contain similar epigenetic factors to human cells and that plant stem cells could stimulate healing and growth in human stem cells. The resulting PhytoCellTec™ technology has been recognised by the United Nation as a breakthrough in skincare science. 

In producing Swiss Toniq PhytoCellTec™ products, plant stem cell extract is mixed with water-soluble, low-PH formulas that include other ingredients known to be effective against skin aging. Plant stem cells are incredibly high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, with some showing an antioxidant concentration up to 1,000 times higher than typical plant extracts. Using PhytoCellTec™ regularly can protect skin stem cells against UV sun exposure, boost collagen production, and delay the signs of ageing. This means younger and healthier-looking skin for longer.

Good for You, Good for the Environment

The production of PhytoCellTec™ technology stem cell products uses very little plant material and actually helps to preserve and protect rare plants. The cultivation process is done in a lab, which means no land and very little water is required. Swiss Toniq products are also all made without the addition of any toxic chemicals. This makes plant stem cell products friendly to your body and the environment.

Plant Stem Cells and Your Skin

The advantages of using plant stem cells are most apparent when combined with other effective skincare ingredients such as those used at Swiss Toniq. Let’s pull back the layers and look deeper into the benefits of plant stem cell technology for your skin.

  1. Firm Skin

    Plant stem cell skincare products can help to firm up skin and reduce skin sagging. Plant-based stem cells can increase the production of new cells, making the skin plumper with a more even tone.

  2. Reduce and Prevent Wrinkles

    Plant stem cells are packed with nutrients and antioxidants, which help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Products such as plant stem cell peptide serum also help boost collagen production and increase skin flexibility, turning back the hands of time.

  3. Heal Skin Damage and Signs of Ageing

    Just as plant stem cells heal damaged plant tissue, using them on our skin can help increase our skin cells' healing power. This means the possibility of repair for age spots, scars, rough areas, and blemishes.

  4. UV and Environmental Protection

    Our skin's natural ageing speeds up when we are exposed to the UV rays of the sun and other environmental elements. You need protection from sun damage, extreme temperatures, dry climates, and pollutants to slow down this process. Applying plant stem cell products regularly can help shield your skin.

  5. Restore Glow

    Youthful skin has a noticeable radiance. As we age, we lose that natural glow. Plant stem cells can help restore your younger days' glowing complexion. They can also help with any inflammation, redness, and skin sensitivity.

Experience The Results For Yourself

Swiss Toniq’s range of plant stem cell products is highly concentrated, organic, natural, and free of any toxic chemicals or synthetic substances. This anti-ageing line includes repair serums for the face, argan stem cell serum, plant stem cell body oil, sunscreen, body polish, and more. Swiss Toniq plant stem cell products are highly effective. You can expect to see visible results in the health and appearance of your skin and visible results that improve more and more over time.