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Why do skincare brands dilute their products?

Why do skincare brands dilute their products?

 And why Swiss Toniq has decided not to...

If you’re over 40 you will probably need anti ageing skincare that does more than just hydrate now. You may be looking for the most effective way to banish wrinkles, dry sagging skin, sensitive skin and sun spots. The fastest way is by using highly concentrated products that contain large amounts of active ingredients.

Many brands may dilute their products for various reasons, including:

  1. Cost reduction: Diluting products with less expensive ingredients, such as water or fillers, can lower production costs. This allows companies to increase their profit margins while maintaining competitive prices for consumers.


  1. Product consistency: Adding water or other solvents can help achieve a desired consistency, making the product easier to apply and spread on the skin.


  1. Preservation: Diluting certain active ingredients can make them more stable and increase the product's shelf life. For example, some antioxidants or vitamins can degrade quickly in high concentrations.


  1. Marketing and consumer perception: Some consumers associate a lighter, more watery texture with gentleness and hydration. Diluting products may cater to this perception and make them more appealing to a broader audience.


However, it's important to note that not all diluted products are less effective or of lower quality. The efficacy of a skincare product depends on the concentration of active ingredients, the formulation, and how well it is absorbed by the skin. As a consumer, it's essential to research and choose products based on their ingredients, effectiveness, and suitability for your specific skin concerns


At Swiss Toniq we have chosen not to dilute our products, firstly because bulking is mainly done with water. Look at the label of your product, if it’s highly diluted water or aqua will be ingredient number one. Because water grows bacteria, where there is lots of water there must also be a batch of synthetic substances to preserve this water, so this means the product contains nasty substances that can be dangerous. Swiss Toniq products do not contain lots of water, synthetic or toxic substances, what you get is pure concentrated ingredients.


We have also chosen the path of non diluted products so that you get better results faster and longer and a little goes a long way and we have chosen to bulk them up with the highest quantity of anti ageing actives possible as our mission is to make you look and feel good, without needing injections, surgery or toxic chemicals.


Welcome to Swiss Toniq, a revolutionary type of skincare to take care of wrinkles, dry sagging skin, sensitive skin, rosacea and sun spots and turn back the clock on your face!

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