Time Response Serum  (Anti-age over age 55)
Time Response Serum  (Anti-age over age 55)
Time Response Serum  (Anti-age over age 55)
Time Response Serum  (Anti-age over age 55)
Time Response Serum  (Anti-age over age 55)
Time Response Serum  (Anti-age over age 55)

Time Response Serum (Anti-age over age 55)

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If you are over 55 or have already celebrated the menopause and suffer even drier skin than before, you'll know that your skin needs more help than ever to stay young and hydrated. This is the serum for you!


No need to use cleansers, toners, eye creams or moisturizers, this serum does it all!


Visible results after just one month

° Increases the skin density

° Fades away wrinkles

° Restores skin’s elasticity

° Provides massive hydration

° Helps fade age spots


Contains Densorphin™  a natural active ingredient that is based on a concentrated extract of monk’s pepper berries. Densorphin™ stimulates the activities of both, β-endorphin, the body’s own happy molecule and DHEA that decreases during menopause.

Clinical studies performed on women aged over 50 showed that Densorphin™ significantly increased the density and elasticity of their skin and has anti-wrinkle effects.

also contains Snow Algae Powder which is based on the extract of a unique algae that has managed to create survival strategies which enable them to grow on glaciers and in permanent snow. In order to survive in these harsh conditions, the snow algae have developed a kind of “sleeping beauty” tactic, which is similar to hibernating, in which the organism slows down and reduces caloric intake.

Snow Algae Powder stimulates the longevity gene, a master switch in the cellular defense and energy system and improves skin structure, slows down aging process of skin cells and increases production of collagen.

Other ingredients: Wild rosehip oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, virgin olive oil, grape seed oil, rosemary extract, castor oil, neem oil, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate (derived from coconut), lavender essential oil, frangipani essential oil.


Directions for use: Shake well before use. Apply a thin layer all over face and neck twice a day and then gently pat skin to allow the serum to penetrate deeply. For best results massage in circular motions for 5 minutes before patting skin.

Suitable for dry or very dry skin.

℮ 30ml / 1fl oz

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